Natural Fertilizers

AGGRAND videos provide an educational resource for our natural fertilizer Dealers and customers.

Applying AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers on Agricultural Applications

This brief follow-up video to applying AGGRAND fertilizers in homeowner applications addresses methods of applying AGGRAND fertilizers in larger, agricultural applications.
Posted November 08, 2012

Applying AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers

AGGRAND fertilizers can be mixed and applied using a variety of simple and effective methods. This short video demonstrates how to apply AGGRAND fertilizers to household applications, including trees, garden plants and lawns. Information for applying to large agricultural applications is also provided. This is a great introductory video for Dealers seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to use AGGRAND products regardless of the application.
Posted November 16, 2011

Soil Sample Analysis

Explanation and demonstration of the AGGRAND soil sampling and analysis procedure. This video will explain why soil sampling and analysis is the perfect complement to a sustainable natural fertilization regimen.
Posted November 2, 2010