Natural Fertilizers

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OSF - AGGRAND Fertilizer 'Organic Series' NEW

A multipurpose liquid concentrate that promotes vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance in vegetables, fruits, nut trees and field crops.

NKP - Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash

An important part of any soil fertility/plant nutrition program. It contains 8% readily available Potash, a grade of 0-0-8 (N-P-K).

NOF - Natural Based Fertilizer

A multi-purpose liquid product that is ideal for all-around use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees and field crops. Perfect for household plants as well.

NBM - Liquid Bonemeal

An important part of any soil fertility and plant nutrition program. It contains 12% readily available phosphate (P2O5), which is reflected by the grade of 0-12-0 (N-P-K).

NLL - Liquid Lime

High-quality super-fine limestone. Specifically formulated for foliar and root applications. Use on lawns, pastures and hay fields. Easy-to-apply liquid concentrate produces no dusty mess.

G1102 - Hose End Sprayer

The Hose End Sprayer fits quart containers of all AGGRAND fertilizers and makes product application convenient and efficient.

G1374 - Soil Sample Analysis Kit

Includes soil container, instructions for submitting a test request to Midwest Laboratories and interpretation of results by the AGGRAND staff.

G3417 - 2015 AGGRAND Vegetable Study

Since 2010, AGGRAND has conducted a Vegetable Productivity Study as part of a long-term study to provide quantifiable crop growth, yield and soil-analysis comparisons.

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Product Shelf Life

Information regarding the shelf life and proper storage and handling of AGGRAND natural fertilizers.