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2015 Vegetable Productivity Study


AGGRAND to Discontinue Wildlife Food Plot Formula
Due to lack of demand, AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Formula will no longer be available as of May 31. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer is a direct replacement product and is available in twin packs. Visit the AGGRAND website at for complete information and pricing.


2014 Vegetable Productivity Study


2013 Vegetable Productivity Study


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AGGRAND News Summer 2013


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AGGRAND Retail Flyer (G1371)
Comprehensive listing of AGGRAND fertilizers and their retail prices.


AGGRAND News Winter 2013


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AGGRAND News Fall 2012


AGGRAND 946-ml (Quart) Bottles Reintroduced in Canada Oct. 9

AGGRAND natural fertilizers will again be available in Canada in 946-ml (quart) containers beginning Tuesday, Oct. 9. While the new quart labels reflect product names commonly used on larger AGGRAND packaging in Canada, but different than those used in the U.S., fertilizer formulations remain the same as their U.S. counterparts.

The 946-ml bottles will be available for the following products:

  • AGGRAND Fertilizer 4-3-3 (NOFQTC)
  • AGGRAND Liquid Phosphorus 0-12-0 (NBMQTC)
  • AGGRAND Liquid Lime (NLLQTC)
  • AGGRAND Fertilizer 0-0-8 (NKPQTC)


AGGRAND News Summer 2012


AGGRAND News Winter 2012


New AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series Registered in Minnesota

AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series (OSF) is now registered for sale in Minnesota. When placing orders for AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series, bear in mind the product is made-to-order in Superior, Wis. and is not stocked in Distribution Centers.


AGGRAND Introduces AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series 4-3-3 (OSF)

New AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series 4-3-3 (OSF) is a multipurpose liquid concentrate that promotes vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance in vegetables, fruits, nut trees and field crops. It is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series 4-3-3 is intended as the alternative to AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 (NOF) for growers who must use fertilizers certified to NOP standards.

AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series 4-3-3 is available in five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes and is manufactured to order. State registration for the new product is ongoing. A state registration list detailing availability is online at the AGGRAND Fertilizer Organic Series product page at


AGGRAND News Spring 2012


New Brochure: G2986 - AGGRAND Testimonials (1.8MB PDF)


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Revised Brochure: G1292 - AGGRAND - A Gardening Guide (435k PDF)


Revised Brochure: G1112 - AGGRAND - A Complete Line For Natural Lawn, Garden and Crop Care (262k PDF)


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The AGGRAND News Summer 2011 Issue is now available.


Revised Brochure: G2790 - Foliar Feeding (364k PDF)

Revised Brochure: G2791 - Organic vs. Chemical Lawn Care (322k PDF)


New presentation posted! The Wildlife Food Plots presentation is now available at the AGGRAND Videos page.


The AGGRAND News Spring 2011 Issue is now available.


Product Shelf Life Technical Service Bulletin
Customers can now refer to the Product Shelf Life Technical Services Bulletin to determine the useful shelf life of AGGRAND products. This document is also available under the Products section of the left navigation menu.


AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer (NOF) has gained certification into the USDA BioPreferredSM Program.
Under the USDA program, products are considered biobased if they are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients — renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.

Products certified in the program carry a label icon that helps consumers make informed choices. The icon is easy to recognize and consumers can have confidence in the label because claims about the presence and amount of biobased ingredients are third-party certified and strictly monitored by the USDA.

The “USDA certified biobased product” icon will soon appear on AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer marketing material. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer also will be listed among products that meet the USDA requirements on the agency’s website,

USDA BioPreferred Program Goals
The core goals of the USDA BioPreferred Program first were introduced in the 2002 Farm Bill:

  • To spur the development of the biobased industrial base through value-added agricultural processing and manufacturing in rural communities.
  • To enhance the nation’s energy security, by substituting biobased products for fossil energy-based products derived from imported oil and natural gas
  • To reduce the nation’s environmental impact by promoting products that may be more benign to the environment.


The AGGRAND News Winter 2011 Issue is now available.


The G2806 AGGRAND Hay and Pasture Guide is now available. To purchase, CLICK HERE.


New AGGRAND Growth Plot Study (G2851) is available. To purchase, CLICK HERE.


AGGRAND Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 Now Available in Wisconsin
AGGRAND Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 has been registered with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for distribution in Wisconsin; AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, Natural Liquid Lime and Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 can now be sold and distributed in Wisconsin. For questions, contact the AGGRAND Department at (715) 399-6419 or [email protected] For sales-related questions, contact your regional sales manager.


AGGRAND Launches Improved Natural Liquid Lime Formulation
The new AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime formulation is now available. Incorporating pure calcitic limestone, the improved formulation boasts an average particle size 600 percent smaller than the previous formulation and nearly doubles the available calcium. Because calcium plays a critical role in overall plant nutrient uptake, it should be part of any long-term fertilization program. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the soil analyses received by AGGRAND need calcium. In addition, the new formulation’s suspension agents reduce product separation for longer shelf-life. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime pricing remains unchanged for the new formulation. For more information visit


New AGGRAND Crop Guide Available (G2793) is availlable. To purchase, CLICK HERE.


New Brochure: G2792 - Soil Fertility Guide (785k PDF)


New Brochure: G2790 - Foliar Feeding (373k PDF)


New Brochure: G2789 - Converting To An Organic Or More Sustainable Cropping System (500k PDF)


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New Product Application Tip


NEW PRODUCT! - Wildlife Food Plot Formula
Wildlife food plots are an increasingly popular tool for attracting wild game. Hunters, animal watchers and conservationists use food plots as a natural way to attract wildlife. New AGGRAND Food Plot Formula Fertilizer feeds the natural soil biology and delivers the nutrients needed to grow the large, protein-rich plants animals prefer. Food Plot Formula is available in 2.5-gallon bottles and is endorsed by Milton Dailey, host of Ranch & Resort TV.


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AGGRAND News - Winter 2010 (667k PDF)


Due to unavoidable increases in raw material costs, AGGRAND is forced to increase pricing on select products effective 2/1/2010. Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and, to a lesser degree, Natural Fertilizer will be affected. Natural Liquid Lime and Natural Liquid Bonemeal pricing, which has been in place since 2007, will remain unaffected. AGGRAND strives to produce the highest quality products at the best possible prices. Rest assured that the company will continue streamlining internal processes and researching raw material suppliers to maximize quality and cost-effectiveness of all AGGRAND products.


WSDA Organic Material Registration Program Temporarily Discontinued
Due to unforeseen regulatory issues between the USDA and its third-party reviewers, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is temporarily unable to renew organic certification for any liquid organic fertilizers containing more than 3 percent nitrogen. All 2009 approvals for liquid organic fertilizers expire October 31, 2009 and the WSDA organic seal must be removed from all fertilizer labels and marketing material as of that date. AGGRAND has not adjusted any of its formulations and will explore applying for re-certification of its Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 through other organizations or through the WSDA when its Material Registration Program is renewed. AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 is unaffected by this issue and remains certified organic by the WSDA. September 21, 2009


AGGRAND News - Fall 2009 (784k PDF)